November 08, 2007

Chicago's Turkish Cultural Fair 2007

It was such an incredible two days! The preparation and the teamwork that it took to make this a success really shows the dedication, passion and the commitment of TASC volunteers!
Every Turkic country had the chance to display their rich history and grandeur.
It was important for them to share their culture, arts, music and dance being that many of these countries are unknown or forgotten. I shouldn't forget to mention the guests that TASC organized! Turkish Airlines, Ayna (famous rock group from Turkey) Mehter or Turkish marching band. Years ago it was the duty of the Mehter to motivate the soldiers before moving into battle. There were many other dance routines and singers like: Turkmenistan's Pop rock singer, that really motivated the crowd.
At last, I have to mention the long hour of preparation and work that the ladies of TASC did. There was a 20 foot line of hungry onlookers wanting to taste Turkish Gozleme and later Baklava and Turkish Coffee. We applaud those who gave their time and sweat. Next year I would recommend this to families living in the Chicago Land area! Thank you Turkish American Society of Chicago for shaping our world!

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