August 06, 2009

Turkish World Festival Count Down 9 Days!

Reasons to visit Chicago's Navy Pier Turkish World Festival August 15-16th:

1. The food will be incredible. Gozleme, Keba's off the grill and Doner are all number one reasons not to miss this year’s festival.

2. At the festival you will have a chance to travel the Turkic countries of Europe, explore what makes them special and meet the unknown people that lived there for centuries.

3. They offer their own stimulus package, it's free to get in, enjoy the performances and get some free stuff.

4. The whole family will have a blast including the children. The Children's section has many hands-on activities pottery, sand art, marble competitions...and many more incredible activities that not only entertain for hours but educates them as well.

5. This year’s festival will bring you up close to centuries old craftsmanship, and regional art.

6. The old Ottoman Military Band will be there. Having flown all the way from Turkey with their costumes and instruments, they are ready to charge you for battle. What battle you ask...? The one through the Gozleme lines!

7. Which brings us to 7th reasons you should go to the Turkish Festival?
There will be lovely Turkish and Ahizka ladies working tirelessly on hard cold mats. First they'll roll out fresh handmade dough, then fill it with an ever so delicious filling of cheese and parsley, or meat and onions, or even potato with fresh spices. Then after it's grilled and has just the right color, it is married with a gentle bath of butter and served warm with an icy cold glass of Ayran. Yum! (Ok I am sold, I'll be there!)

8. And if 7 reasons were not enough, there will be jewelry and artwork, handcrafts, music, sports memorabilia, books, house wares and artwork. If that doesn't spark your interest maybe number 9 will.

9. Chicago's Turkish World Festival is an opportunity to meet some great people that want to share their lives with you. What better way is there than to unite our different races, religions, and find harmony and peace through sharing our family with yours?! Be prepared to make new friends and some unforgetable memories that last a life time.

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