August 15, 2009

Turkish World Festival Navy Pier August 16th

Unbelievable, is all I can say! The Festival today was so incredible. Mehter Marching band, jewelery everywhere. Food, oh my this should be the Turkish Food Festival LOL I think they sold about 1000 cups of Turkish Coffee. The people there were wonderful. Every which way you turned there were TASC and Niagara volunteers, working tirelessly, painting faces, serving Gozleme, cakes, desserts, salads, everything was
Superb as I expected it would be. My feet feel like they will fall off but nothing would keep me from going tomorrow. Tomorrow it will be starting around 10-8 and then I believe there will be fireworks. OK I have to rise early in the morning, I cannot wait to see who will be there tomorrow.

I just want to make a prayer and ask God to bless all of the kind people that donated there time to volunteer, and those that attended today and opened their hearts and minds to a new culture.I also pray that God heals the bodies of all those that ached with pleasure today and that he' may give us strength to be even better tomorrow. Amin

Good night see you there tomorrow. insallah

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